Very helpful all you need you will find it there..well almost everything .. and well priced

Cameron Elbourne, Aug 2019

Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Jeremy Stagg, Aug 2019

A delightfully old fashioned shop, that packs a large selection of hardware.  The staff are always friendly and obliging. It's very rare that you would visit and come away empty handed. In my opinion,  it's an inspiration. One of the best shops in Newport

Michael Lewis, July 2019

Friendly, helpful and honest

Andy Wright, May 2019

Best shop in Newport!

Richard L, May 2019

Absolutely anything and everything your looking for

Jake Flavell, May 2019 

Good variety of diy products at a fair price

David Huntley, May 2019

Local anything you need shop.

Ian Titler, May 2019

THE place to go in Newport for home maintenance items - on the rare occasions they don't have what you want, they'll get it for you asap!

Mark Wiggin, April 2019 

I had a problem with my crank falling off my bike 30 miles from home, luckily I found this shop who managed to find two bolts that fit my crank. Really helpful people, and I never charged!! If I had some cash I would of bought him a drink.  Places like this deserve to be recognised. These sort of shops are slowly disappearing. Thank you home essentials

RichBowker, March 2019

Well stocked. Infact they have everything! Cheap, friendly staff. Very helpful.

Mandy Armitage, January 2019