Plumbing Tools

From stopcocks to ball valves Home Essentials carry a good range of Plumbing essentials for your home.

At Home Essentials in Newport there is everything for the enthusiastic DIY plumber from copper pipes and fittings to solder and blow torches – even the butane refills. For those playing safe there are compression fittings and even plastic push fit connectors.

  • Bathroom & Shower Plumbing

  • Copper Pipe & Joints

  • Kitchen Taps & Waste

  • Plastic Push Fit Fittings

  • Plumbing Tools

  • Thermostatic Heating Valves

  • Toilet & Cistern Fittings

  • Washing Machine Fittings

Plumbing Supplies at Home Essentials in Newport Shropshire

Home Essentials in Newport, Shropshire have a full range of plumbing tools to make your DIY plumbing job a little easier.